MHPS Development Program

  • How does the MHPS Power Supply Development program work?

    The MHPS power supply development program first analyzes the business case to identify the technical, geographic and economic synergies. Once an Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) establishes the business case MHPS then provides a power supply design from silicon to system encompassing both semiconductor logistics and regulatory compliance.

  • What are the Cost Benefits ?

    More efficient intelligent designs by MHPS are better for the environment! Better efficiency generates less heat thus less power is wasted. Novel MHPS topologies with a universal controller optimizes electronic and filter components for economies of scale, thus MHPS can lower OEM power supply costs by up to 25% and increase operating efficiency up to 10%.

  • What is the royalty cost ?

    For designs employing MHPS 888 PMIC' there are no royalty fees associated with the. use of any MHPS patented topology or circuit designs

  • Who owns the Resulting Designs ?

    Customer Obtains Full Ownership and Control of Its Custom PWM Controller Design

    MHPS Retains Its IP and/or any Improvement to the Core Design

  • How can I offset my NRE charges

    Once committed to an MOQ (minimum order quantity) supply contract MHPS and its logistics providers rebate the NRE (non recurring engineering) charges incurred in a new design by supplying complimentary PMIC’s to recapture the NRE expenses.

  • How Long to Develop a New Power Supply?

    Application specific typically 2-3 months