To dominate a vastly competitive market place one needs a sound strategy supported with a disruptive Technology. Take a proven recipe for success, shrink it, improve it and lower the cost! We know silicon; our foundry has been producing millions of low cost reliable IC’s such as the 555. The IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) recently published an article in the world renowned SPECTRUM magazine entitled “25 Microchips that Shook the World”. (See the article ).

Better yet Maxwell is our friend we know Power Conversion! Designing world class AC adapters or the DC-DC converters embedded within requires combined skills far beyond that of your typical FAB-less IC Company. The world is changing; efficiency is now paramount to reduce Global Green house gas emissions. The MPS 88 was born from the repeatable robust bipolar process used in the 555, our application topology is second to none and the proof is in the improved performance and the measured high efficiency vs. the cost!

Now combine a proven chip within the MPS Patent Pending Fly-back Topology and benefit from reliability and superior performance. One chip can serve 2W-30W applications for both AC adapters, LED lighting and high performance DC-DC converters, no need to inventory multiple part numbers. The MPS 88 IC facilitates ultra low cost designs to meet CEC and Level V with extremely low cost yet 5% average efficiency margins to Super Ultra High performance exceeding Level V efficiency requirements by 10% at cost parity to the existing Level IV industry options. OEM’s may license the technology in order to feed down to their multiple existing Global CM’s potentially saving millions thus improving bottom lines for high volume applications. With new Global Standardization such as USB cell phone adapters local assembly houses may embody ready made low cost DC-DC modules at point of Market!


MPS88 offers 80% Average efficiency at 9W costing less than $0.05 per watt. Programmable overload protection. 10-50% for improved transient and feedback loop response. Full Technical Software support that yields fast and global agency 3 sigma compliant designs. Both Primary and Secondary Regulated designs, No Opto-isolators required!

MPS88 is suitable for AC-DC and DC-DC converters from 24V-400V input. Reduced EMI less than 100mw standby power consumption at 240VAC. Meets all Global agency approval requirements.

Create a 9W Power supply with a similar E-BOM cost as some others charge for just their IC and isolation transformer up to 50% less bill of material cost!